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Alicia Cook is a multi-award-winning writer and mental health and addiction awareness advocate based in Newark, New Jersey. Her writing often focuses on addiction, mental health, and grief – sometimes all at once. Since 2016, she has released three poetry collections with Andrews McMeel Publishing, including the bestselling mental health-focused collection, “Sorry I Haven’t Texted You Back.” Her next book will be announced SOON.

Cook's advocacy began years ago following the fatal overdose of her 19-year-old cousin. Through her writing, she started shedding light on how drug addiction impacts the mental health of families. An essayist and speaker, her activism to fight the opioid epidemic is far-reaching and has garnered a worldwide readership. She has her own episode on the Emmy-nominated American PBS series Here’s the Story. She has since broadened the scope of her work to include other sensitive topics impacting our lives today.

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The Music Was Just Getting Good.


Alicia Cook

The Music Was Just Getting Good